Building Individual & Organizational capabilities through
resilience, managing change, influencing and leadership  


Due to work stress, I became depressive and it affected my relationship with colleagues and family members negatively. I took a few programs in hope to improve the strained relationships; one of which was with University of Oxford Mindfulness Center.  It has changed the course of  my life since then. 

Having been through adversities and learning to rise and thrive above them, I know that many people aspire to do well in life. But they often lack a scientific , systematic approach and guidance.

It is now my purpose in life to partner individuals and leaders in organizations to work towards a more purposeful, driven, joyful, compassionate and successful life.  



Our consultants will schedule a consultation session with you to understand what are your aspirations and concerns.



Once we have clarity of your aspirations and concerns, our consultants will design a repertoire of  Emotional Intelligence (EQ), mindfulness, Accelerated High Performance Coaching or leadership based interventions. 

working with you


Our consultants/facilitators will deliver the agreed interventions. This usually take the form of workshops.  

Debrief & Followup


Self-transformation and building performance is a continuous journey. Post workshops, our consultants will conduct a debrief session with you and may follow up with further interventions such as executive coaching or more workshops. 


EQ Asia's EQ Competency Framework  has 9 EQ behaviors that are observable and measurable. It was created based on at least 15 years of performance standards and measurements so that each one who eventually takes this profile can influence change through clearly defined behaviors and corresponding actions.


The Enneagram is a powerful and dynamic personality system that describes nine distinct and fundamentally different patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. The tool enables individuals within organizations to understand their own and others’ motivations and behavior patterns, and to communicate and work more effectively with each other.

EQ Competencies Profile





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Resilience is the innate human quality to recover from setback with more zest , purpose and compassion.  Three programs are  developed and revised over half a decade, cover kids/teens and working professional. To take you through the journey of building your resilience muscles and become more successful in life.  


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Leaders make decisions and build team capabilities on a daily basis. Now you can learn decision making strategies using neuroscience discoveries by the University of Oxford. The myth about executive coaching will be unveiled and (ICF) coaching techniques will be at your disposal to help you lead your team. 


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EQ and neuroscience based sales programs and EQ for engineering professionals to help you increase your sales performance and collaborate effectively with different stakeholders .



Successfully influencing people require you to possess certain values and empowering attitudes. Three programs teach you how to influence people to say YES! to you willingly and how you can offer feedback to others using the DICE feedback model and how to deliver that impactful technical presentation.


publication & Articles

Start Building Trust Stop Irritating People

Building a strong team is not impossible but it is very difficult as many of our actions happen at a sub-conscious level. For any positive change to take place, the unknown has to surface first. This ebook provide six great insights through light-hearted story telling for leaders to build a sustainable high performance team.


Being resilient in the face of Covid 19

By Daniel Yeo | 22 Feb 2020

The spreading of the Covid 19 can be seen as a mega disruptor. Its impact on our life styles and how businesses are being conducted in the world is profound. While traditional labour, cost intensive and "face to face" businesses...

Five observable traits of a mindful leader

By Daniel Yeo | 22 Jan 2020

Mindfulness is such a trendy word in the corporate world. However how does a leader who is mindful act and think like?  I was so inspired by the management team and senior leaders of Keppel Land China...

Applying mindfulness practice in influencing people

By Daniel Yeo | 25 Dec 2019

Some of us may have heard of the word non-judgment (delayed judgement is my preferred choice of word) as one of the seven attitudes of mindfulness. (Jon Kabat Zinn's book, Full Catastrophe Living (pp 33-40)). What exactly is non-judgment? What enables it? How can we apply it in influencing...

Sensing your way to resilience

By Daniel Yeo | 3 Nov 2019

In our "Resilience for Teens Program", we teach teenagers how to apply mindfulness practice in sensing emotions in their body. By staying with the emotion rather than avoiding or suppressing it. When we are able...

sensing your way to resilience.jpg

Why mindfulness does not work?

By Daniel Yeo | 27 Aug 2019

While researching for this talk, I was curious to find out the (revenue) market size of mindfulness training in the United States. So, I googled...

Why EQ is a MUST have for engineering professionals? 

By Daniel Yeo | 13 Jan 2019

Contrary to belief that EQ is a "soft" component that will not augment well with the logical thinking process of engineering professionals, the following three observations proved otherwise...



“I found that the course Daniel gave at our company had been very beneficial to open insights as to the methodical approach to build up emotional awareness and intelligence".



Chow Woai Sheng 
Vice President / Country General Manager
Agilent Technologies Singapore International


“I have to say that I am very impressed with the way Daniel has structured the program and how it has helped me to better understand myself. My key take away are simple yet powerful tools and concepts that help me in difficult situations to stay focused. At the same time practicing these self-awareness exercises help me to further build my mental muscle. I can highly recommend Daniel’s program as it has made a big difference in my personal and professional life and I am sure it will make it also in yours.”


Joerg Kuehn
Leadership Development Coach


“Attending Daniel’s - Driving High Performance with EQ (Mindfulness) workshop has been enlightening.  His mastery and ability to deliver the subject matter encourages one to reflect one’s mindset and increases self-awareness.  This, we can apply not only in our personal lives, but also in business and society as a whole.”


Jimmy Tan 
President and Managing Director 
Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute/Ateneo 
The Philippines


“The EQ and Mindfulness workshop was a true eye opener for our team. It inspired our staffs to understand our patients better and respect unique personalities.  We also learned to understand our work relationships and the need to finish individual tasks rather than over-multitasking.


Overall, a positive team building experience”



Dr Harvey Uy, Peregrine Eye and Laser Institute
The Philippines

"I have learnt from Daniel how to manage my emotions better and not be so reactionary. I have more pleasant and meaningful interactions with my colleagues and family members. It is a life changing experience.”

Dinesh Chandiramani                                                         

Relationship Manager, DBS private bank 

“Daniel’s talks are always very dynamic and mind changing.  It makes you see things in different light. Now I can better assess my emotions and actions to allow me to respond to challenges I face. I would encourage anyone facing obstacles in life to attend one of Daniel’s workshop and listen to what he has to say.  I guarantee he will make you see things differently!”



Patricia Busqui

“I am a recovering heart patient dealing with my second cancer. There is a constant fear that some part of my body is not well: is that a chest pain or am I feeling giddy and what if my cancer gets worse? 

Many of Daniel’s Mindfulness coaching are now consistent with and enhances my life and work: how to deal with myself and with those around me, at work, home or play. If someone cuts into my lane on the road, my response now is, by all means and it’s my pleasure to give way! If someone does something wrong, my attitude is that there must be a reason for the misdeed or mistake, and what can we all do to make it right. Losing one’s cool is not going to help; not least one’s health and well-being.

I have been blessed with a doctor and friend who introduced me to Mindfulness and Daniel for coaching me. May peace – of mind – be with you too.”


Yeo G.K 
Management Consultant and cancer survivor


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