influence others to say


This one day highly experiential and charged program teaches you how to get buy in from others in a genuine manner.  We infused real life role plays and coaching conversations to help you understand and apply these concepts in daily life. This program is based on the CAST influencing model developed by Daniel.  After all, getting people to say yes involve having an acute understanding, awareness of the human psychic, what people really want and your ability to empathize and to skillfully  communicate across your ideas/solutions.  

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influencing others through

the DICE feedback model

In this full day highly experiential, fun and applicable feedback workshop. You will learn, apply and practice ICF (International Coach Federation) core competency of questioning techniques used by professional executive coaches. This enable your subordinates to reflect and have clarity of how their actions negatively impact themselves, team and even customers.  We will share with you proven methods and tools of enabling your subordinates to want to explore alternative behaviours that leads to better team effectiveness and organization performance. 


influencing others through

technical presentation

You have great ideas and solution for some of the most teething engineering challenges your clients or organizations face but how are you able to convince others of your innovation?  In this two-day fun and experiential program, we will guide you how to strategize, fine tune your presentation process and skill. Combined with skillful means of connecting with and influencing people, you will be better equipped to get buy in from various stakeholders on why your/team’s ideas work. And is worth allocating the budget for this program.