If you are in B2B sales, then look no further. This four days (two parts) program will show you how to discover your clients’ pain points and craft out your unique value propositions in the selling journey. The two parts are: 

a) Data Mining
b) Closing & Influence

It is designed based on decades of key account sales experiences.  Role plays are cleverly designed based on real life selling case studies where you can straight away apply what you learn in class.  These teachings and mindset transformation, when practiced and applied, will set you apart from your competitors. 

Participant's video testimony

EQ for engineering professionals

Engineering training teaches you to be analytical, logical and systematic in your approach to solve technical and mechanical issues.  These are great skills to have in an engineering setting.  However, to be successful in any organizations, engineering professionals need to collaborate and communicate clearly with colleagues from other departments and even with customers.  These interactions call for a very different set of competencies, mindsets and “softer” skill sets.  In these two days, you will learn what is EQ and how to apply EQ in your engineering context