Seeing the high suicide rates amongst children and teens in developed cities and the never seen before stress, peer pressure and even self-harm brought upon by this highly digitized world.  Through these ten weekly sessions, Daniel wants children and teenagers to be equipped with social emotional skills such as resilient, adaptability, stress management and decision making; as well as traditional Asian values such as gratitude, empathy and respect. 

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The potential conversation

what if you could achieve a purposeful, positive & permanent shift  from the inside out in the quality of your life?

A happy and successful life cannot be achieved before having self-knowledge and self-awareness of your inner conversations with yourself, in your relationships with your family, friends and people at work. This one day highly experiential program is designed to bring about meaningful change from within. It will provide a safe space for you to discover areas of unknown. Tap into your inner resources in adapting, thriving in the face of uncertainties. And be self reliance to take actions for your own breakthroughs in life!